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Recruiting Job Category

  • 3D Generalist
      Employment Type

      * Full-Time, Intern, Subcontractor

      Job Details

      * Realization of futuristic communication (like the holograms from Star Wars) through VR/AR

      * Work on a variety of projects including photorealistic, high-end character modeling as well as scenery and effect creation

      * Concept creation, character and scenery modeling, and direction for the company's products

      Required Skills and Experience

      * 3+ years experience with Maya or 3DMax

      * Experience with high-end character or scenery modeling for game development or video

      Recommended Skills and Experience

      * Experience and knowledge concerning development flow using Unity

      * Ability to draw up concepts

      * Desire to take on new challenges

      * Ability to think and create products from the standpoint of the user

      * Conversational English ability

      How to Apply

      * Include a portfolio of your works (video/still images), a resume, and a work history and mail them to the following address.


  • Computer vision / computer graphics / machine learning scientist
      Job Details

      * Research and development of algorithms for estimation of 3D models of face, hair, and body from 2D images/video of persons; estimation of detailed skin textures; etc.

      Required Skills and Experience

      * Experience with development of algorithms for leading-edge papers in the fields of computer vision and computer graphics

      * Strong C++ programming skills

      * Experience with development of software for solving optimization problems

      * Experience with development of software using deep learning

      Recommended Skills and Experience

      * Publication record in top computer vision/computer graphics conferences (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, SIGRAPH, SIGRAPH Asia, etc.)

      * Experience with development of 3DCG/VR using Unity, Maya, etc.

      How to apply

      Please send to recruit(at)paneo.vision with resume attached.

      Please also send a list of any papers published or a list of any programs released as source code on github, etc.




Company Paneo inc.
Contact info(at)paneo.vision
Place Barbizon501 2-1-8 Sendagaya Shibuya Tokyo